17 Billion Dollars!

That's how much the US Department of Labor says investors are being overcharged annually.  Yes, ANNUALLY... Until Now!

How Much Are You Paying? Not Sure? We Are...


Simply, we determine if you were unknowingly sold the correct share class or Fee Based account and if not, how much your SEC mandated refund of lost principal PLUS interest should be...

Not Knowing is Costing You...

Share Class Assurance


Simply owning the wrong mutual fund or annuity share class can cost you tens of thousands and often significantly more.  Unfortunately, or rather fortunately for the financial services industry, mutual fund and annuity share classes are complicated and many of the corrosive fees you pay are hidden. However, with our new innovative product called Share Class Assurance you don't need to understand how any of this works! Simply submit our Share Class Assurance documents to your investment advisor and ask him/her to circle a box, initial a couple of pages, and answer 5 simple questions. Once completed and returned to Fiduciary Integrity, YOU ARE PROTECTED.  We take care of the rest!  

Fee Based Assurance


With the looming liability posed by multiple share class mutual funds and annuities, the financial services industry has decided to quietly gravitate to Fee Based Accounts.  Unfortunately, or rather fortunately for the financial services industry, Fee Based accounts are OFTEN significantly more expensive than the Share Class mutual funds they were meant to replace! So, we designed a solution for this problem too.  With our innovative Fee Based Assurance program, we'll guarantee that your Fee Based account is the most cost effective for you or point out the cheaper A Share Class option.  Either way, we'll guarantee you are in the correct account type; often saving customers thousands.

The Share Class Matrix


The Share Class Matrix is our proprietary tool that allows any investor to understand which mutual fund or annuity share class they should currently own.  Simply understanding this basic information will save most tens of thousands over the life of their investment.  The Share Class Matrix also works as a powerful Point-of-Sale disclosure tool ensuring that your advisor is initially selling you the most cost effective mutual fund or annuity share class.  It's critical for first time investors to understand how important it is to purchase the correct share class upfront!  You don't want to find out when you reach retirement, that you would have had an additional 30-40-50 thousand dollars if only you had initially purchased the correct share class.

The Charts


The Charts provide further detail for those investors that want a little better understanding.  The Chart corresponding to your specific investment time horizon and investment amount range will detail the relative cost differential between the Share Classes or your Fee Based account.  This graphical representation will allow you to see and understand  how once share class or fee based account may be appropriate for one year but not the next year.  These Charts demonstrate the importance of understanding, prior to investing, which Share Class or Fee Based is MOST cost effective.  You don't want to find out 30 years later.

The Guarantee


Once you've purchased either Share Class Assurance or Fee Based Assurance and we've certified your account, if you then lose a penny as a result of being in the wrong Share Class or Fee Based account, we will fully refund your loss; plus interest.

Understanding The SEC and Your Refund PLUS Interest


The SEC recently publicly mandated that if you were sold the wrong Share Class and you were overcharged, you are entitled to a refund of those lost earnings PLUS interest; paid promptly.  What's the importance of that?!  Well, as the US Department of Labor stated, investors are annually overcharged 17 Billion dollars which means, in just the last 5 years alone, investors have been overcharged 85 BILLION DOLLARS!  And per the SEC, all of that money must be refunded, plus interest, to millions of investors.   We can help you determine whether or not you were sold the correct Share Class or Fee Based account and if not, how much of that 85 Billion dollars PLUS interest you are entitled to.

-C Share Conversions- What you need to know.

C Share Conversions

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Business Card Program

Simply purchase one of our business cards and present to your financial advisor.  Simply explain that you have retained Fiduciary Integrity to conduct a cost differential analysis of the share classes in your investment portfolio.  The following conversation may very well save you tens of thousands.  Our fee is $9.99

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