Do you know which share classes you own?! Not knowing will cost you.

Share Class Assurance

Simple. Email us your last quarterly statements. We take care of the rest. What do you have to lose? Thousands.

What We Do.

Share Class Assurance

Once Share Class Assured, your mutual fund and annuity share classes are GUARANTEED  to be the most cost effective share class.  If you incur a loss due to owning the wrong share after being certified, we will refund the lost differential between the share classes. This level of investor protection has never been offered before. We conduct a proprietary cost differential analysis of your mutual fund or annuity share classes in order to determine if the share classes you were sold are the most cost effective.  There is no longer any reason to throw away money by owning the wrong share class.  Don't wait until you retire to find out you could have made a simple change that would have added tens of thousands to your retirement nest egg. Share Class Assurance costs $99.00. 

Share Class Refund Program

According to the SEC, if you purchased a mutual fund and were sold the wrong share class, an admitted widespread problem, you are entitled to a refund of the principal plus interest; paid promptly. We will determine if you were sold the wrong share class and how much your potential refund should be.  We charge a fee of $99.00. If you were not overcharged, you owe us nothing.

Business Card Program

Simply purchase one of our business cards and present to your financial advisor.  Simply explain that you have retained Fiduciary Integrity to conduct a cost differential analysis of the share classes in your investment portfolio.  The following conversation may very well save you tens of thousands.  Our fee is $19.99.

Share Class Refund Program

According to the SEC, if you were sold the wrong mutual fund share class and unknowingly paid excessive fees then you are entitled to that money back plus interest; paid promptly.

It's a very simple process to find out if you are entitled to a refund.

  1. Simply email Fiduciary Integrity your last quarterly statement.
  2. We will conduct our proprietary cost differential analysis in order to determine which share class you should have been sold.
  3. If you were sold the wrong share class, we will determine the approximate amount of your potential refund.
  4. If you are not entitled to a refund, you owe us nothing.

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